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Click airline for complete travel policies and fees for both in cabin and checked -- below cabin.

Airline Phone Number In Cabin Pet Fee

Aer Arann 353-1-844-7700


Air Berlin

Air Canada

Air France

Air Jamaica

Austrian Airlines

Airtran 800-247-8726 $69 each way

American Airlines 800-433-7300 $100 each way

Continental Airlines 800-523-3273 $125 each way

Delta Airlines 800-221-1212 $150 each way

El Al

Frontier Airlines 800-432-1359 Service Animals Only

Jet Blue Airways 800-538-2583 $100 each way


Midwest Airlines 800-452-2022 $100 each way

Northwest Airlines 800-225-2525 $150 each way

Southwest Airlines 800-435-9792 $75 each way

Spirit Airlines 800-772-7117 $100 each way

United Airlines 800-241-6522 $125 each way

US Airways 800-428-4322 $100 each way

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"Petaholics is the only dog-walking, pet-sitting service I know that is proactive, follows-through, professional-to-the-bone and super friendly! Keeping me informed and up-to-date with email reminders about upcoming holidays, key-services or fees, makes me more relaxed about dealing with them because I know in advance what to expect. This professionalism gives me confidence as opposed to other companies or individual walkers who tell me about fees or schedule changes "after the fact."

Courtney Pulitzer
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