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Dog Walker Murray Hill

Are you stuck to your desk and feeling guilty that there is nobody home to take your dog out for their daily stroll? Petaholics has the perfect solution. They provide dedicated dog walking services for busy pet owners in the Murray Hill area.

Take comfort it knowing that your dog will be with the same walking partner every time. This will allow your dog to form a bond with their devoted dog walker, which will make both you and your pet feel more at ease.

Petaholics' services provide walks for one dog or your family's dogs only. We never pack walk to ensure that your dog(s) get all of the quality time and attention they need. Dog walkers will also deliver a report to you after every outing so that you will be acquainted with anything that happens.

We currently require a minimum of three walks per week to be scheduled by new clients. We do not offer brief or occasional walk services.

30-minute walk - $18.99
A pleasurable walk for exercise and relief that will satisfy your dog until you are able to take them out next.

paw 45-minute walk - $24.99
Fresh air and exercise will fulfill your dog's needs until you are back to take them outside again

paw 60-minute walk - $29.99
Lengthen the outside time your dog enjoys with the one-hour selection. Give your dog the experience of an energetic walk and playtime.

These rates apply to one dog, and an additional 50 percent of the single dog price will be included for any new dogs..

Walks occur from Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm. We do not ordinarily schedule walks out of our standard business hours or during weekends, but we make our best efforts to fulfill requests if we are given previous notice. Be aware that walks outside normal hours of operation will require a $6 fee. Also, a $11 fee will be applicable for walks that fall on a holiday. holiday.

We request that a 2-hour window be available for walks to happen, for instance, between 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm.

Note: Note: Petaholics will only walk dogs together from your family's household. WE DO NOT PACK WALK.

PleaseContact us to plan your meeting with a Petaholics dog walker right away.

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"I would absolutely recommend Petaholics to anyone in need of dog walking/pet sitting services. I am so lucky to have someone who aside from doing a fantasic job, actually cares for the well-being and happiness of Teddy. Even my doorman comments on how amazing Josko is with Teddy! I never worry about Teddy when he is in the care of Petaholics.."
Brooke Sirota
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