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NYC Dog Training

Jessica is VET RECOMMENDED by the following vets.

Email her to setup service.

Greenwich Village Animal Hospital

Worth St. Veterinary Center

Urban Veterinarian Animal Hospital

St. Marks Veterinarian Hospital

East Village Veterinarian

  • Does your puppy or adult dog exhibit recurring problems with basic commands, housebreaking, leash pulling, jumping up, barking or destructive behavior?

    Don't worry! Petaholics' behavioral expert Jessica can help you re-establish a loving and respectful relationship with your canine companion. Especially if you're a new pet owner, these common obedience issues are a huge source of frustration and stress. To make matters worse, an emotional reaction on your part will only increase your dog's anxiety level. We know what you're going through and are here to offer you the right guidance.

    With years of positive behavioural training experience under her belt, Jessica can offer you a calm and level-headed approach to teaching your dog great manners. She'll help cultivate a training environment that is both enjoyable and effective for you and your dog in order to boost your confidence levels and help your pooch shine.

  • Relying on positive reinforcement techniques like food rewards and clicker training, you'll motivate your dog to develop the socialization skills he or she needs to live a full and happy life. Most importantly, you'll discover a new way to "talk" to your dog by learning how to read canine behavioral cues and use simple commands and gestures that your dog will quickly understand.

    Interested in Getting Started?

  • We'd love to help strengthen the bond between you and your dog! We offer a flexible range of services to meet your needs, including private lessons, group lessons, puppy socialization, and even long-distance phone or email consultations for clients who live out of our service area.

  • In-Home Private Dog Training Lessons

    For maximum impact and the kind of one-on-one attention that will most effectively addresses your pet's unique behavioural issues, we recommend private lessons. You'll be able to practice basic dog obedience commands in the safety of your own home and tackle problems specific to your pet's everyday environment Read more

  • Group Dog Training Classes

    Combining the best of both worlds, these lessons focus on socialization and basic commands, the two elements crucial to your dog's proper development. Read more about Puppy Preschool

  • Introducing dog to baby classes

    Got a new addition the household? Jessica offers a special training program that will teach you how properly introduce your dog to your newborn baby, so you can rest assured they'll grow up being the best of friends.

    Read more


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"We have a wonderful 18 month large schnoodle (giant schnauzer and std poodle) who is lots of fun and keeps us laughing however, she had a terrible habit of mouthing and jumping up whenever she met new people or little kids were around. Jessica was able to immediately identify what action had to be taken and to train both us and our children on how to extinguish the behaviour in one session. She is also an engaging and engaged trainer. We really enjoyed our puppy classes and plan on taking continuing to train with Jessica!"."
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