Collars 101


Collars 101

Don’t know what size collar to get?

It is recommended to measure your dog’s neck (with a tape measure or string) and add 2 to 3 inches for comfort. The collar should not slip easily over the dog’s head when pulled and should allow the owner to put two fingers between the collar and dog’s neck.

Want to go with something traditional?

From leather to nylon, flat collars are the most commonly used collar. These collars are not recommended for training, but are practical for everyday use and ID tags. Another choice could be the Martingale collar, commonly seen on Greyhounds. These adjustable collars are particularly good for dogs with small heads.

Need a collar for training?

Chain and prong collars are training and correction collars. When used appropriately, these collars can be very effective, but are not recommended as a positive training method. If you are interested in a chain or prong collar, please consult a professional for proper use.

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