Roosevelt Island Pet Friendly Apartments


Riverwalk Crossing: Dogs less than 50 pounds are allowed. There is no additional $$ or deposit to have a dog(s) in this rental building. Information regarding your pet(s) will be added to your lease information.

Manhattan Park: Cats allowed but NO dogs. The bldg is in the process of reevaluating this policy.

Roosevelt Landings (Eastwood): Dogs and cats allowed.

Octagon: Dogs up to 60 lbs allowed. Fee of $250 per dog. This charge is not a deposit, it is a fee and therefore it is not and will not be refunded when you move out, even if you and your dog have not caused any damage to the property or your apartment.

Rivercross is Roosevelt Island’s only co-op building. The waiting list for an apartment at Rivercross is (as I have been told) very long and the estimated wait time to get an apartment there is 20 years. Currently, the policy is that dogs are not allowed with the exception of those covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act. There is however, a strong organization trying to change that rule. The group is called ARDOR, which stands for the Alliance for Responsible Dog Ownership in Rivercross.

Island House is a rental building. they allow dogs but no further information is available. The waiting list for this building is closed.

Westview is a rental building. They allow dogs but no further info available . The waiting list for this building is closed.

Riverwalk Complex (Southtown) seems to have a standard pet policy for all of their buildings and policy is that dogs are permitted.

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