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Archive for August, 2010

Pet Summer grooming tips

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010


Keeping your pet groomed in these hot summer months will help keep contribute to their overall happiness.
Dogs with extremely long or thick fur she have it trimmed
Making sure your pet has short coat in these hot months will keep the following health problems under control
1. Parasites-
2. Hot Spots-
3. Undercoat-
4. Matting-
5. Shedding-

Dog Camps

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010


Summer camp for dogs

It’s not only teenagers that go into the country for the adventure of camping,hiking, and enjoying nature! These places
offer the opportunities for your dog to share all the same experiences, barks and crafts anyone .

1. www.dogcamp.com
2. www.campdogwood.com

How to travel on a plane with your dog

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010


Things you’ll need and need to know

1. Airlines require advanced booking and seperate tickets for you and your dog.

2. Schedule a non-stop flight if possible

3. Travel at a time of day when it won’t be too cold or hot for your dog

4. Small dogs can travel in the cabin if they fit in a soft sided carrier

5. A week before your trip you will want to get a health certificate from your vet, it lets the airlines know that your pet is healthy enough to travel.

6. Your vet may also prescribe a mild sedative to make the trip easier for your pet

7. Always tip the baggage handler that will be taking your dog to the plane!

8. When arriving on the plane, inform the flight attendant you’re traveling with your pet and that you’d want to make sure the heat and air are turned on in the pet compartment.

9. When you flight lands, go to the oversized baggage area not the luggage carousel to pick up your furry one!

5. If you have a medium-large size dog he/she will travel in the cargo hold in a hard-sided carrier

Protecting your pets from fireworks on july 4th

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010


Dogs get very scared from the cumulative effect of fireworks and excited voices and have been known to run off.

1. Resist the idea of taking your pets to a fireworks display
2.Don’t leave your pet in the car
3. Keep your pets indoors, at home in a quiet safe area. Dogs can be come destructive when scared.
4. If you know your pet is afraid of loud noises consult your vet before july 4th
5. Never leave pets outside without supervision even in a fenced area
6. Make sure your pets have id tags

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