5 veterinarian recommendations about prophylactic measures for your pet

Prophylactic measures for pets

Dear pet owner, Spring is here – these are our 5 veterinarian recommendations about prophylactic measures for dogs and cats. It’s getting warmer, and the nature arouses with all its inhabitants. Of course, you’ll want to spend more time with your dear four-legged companions in the wild, take a walk in forest, or even go …

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The Best Cat Trees 2018

Cat tree houses

All cats need to play, so finding something nice for them is essential if you want your cat to be happy, healthy and full of life. There are all kinds of things you can get, but most of the people are searching for a cat tree or a cat tree house for their cats. If …

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Stopping your Cat from stealing Dog food

Cat stealing dog food

Ever found your cat feasting on your dog’s bowl? In most cases, it won’t do much harm if your cat grabs few pieces of dog food. However, if this happens on a daily basis, some boundaries have to be made. If you own two pets that live together, it’s very important to distinguish their feeding bowls. It’s a very bad idea to feed multiple pets – cats and dogs with a single food bowl. Each of your beloved companions has to have its own bed, water bowl, and food bowl.

But what to do if you cat keeps returning to dishes that are meant for your dog? This is why we have created this article to help you learn and fix this seemingly harmless issue.

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Best cat litter box for each pocket – Top picks and tips


Cats are beautiful creatures that we cherish and love. They can calm us down when we are nervous or can make our day better when we are feeling sad. However, they can be sometimes messy and cause troubles too. Finding quality cat litter boxes for your cat can be a challenging task as there are …

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HM tip: How to help your dog and cat get along

cat and dog living together

Dogs and cats living together in peace – is that something extraordinary, or completely achievable for every household? We know you’d like to hear it’s the latter, and some articles might claim it’s true, however, in reality, that’d be a huge exaggeration… AND YET, you can, in fact, increase drastically the chances of success for …

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How does age affect your cat’s behavior


This might surprise you. Just like human beings, cats have behaviors that are unique to individual cats. You might have seen a range of cat behavior; from bold and aggressive to reserved and gentle. There is also such a thing as cat behavior problems! They have issues too: personality issues, moods swings… Just about any …

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Best cat litter – Top picks and tips

Dear cat-lover, Before you go straight to our highly researched top picks of best cat litter available in the market today, make sure you read our informative, up-to-date and easy-to-follow guidelines first to ensure you choose the most appropriate litter for your four-legged friends as they have different needs and preferences, too. Yes, our little fellas have …

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