Why and how to groom your dog

How to groom your dog

All dogs need to be properly taken care of in order to be healthy and to look nice. If you have a dog then you know how much of an attention they require. Their coat always needs to be clean and shiny, while their nails must be cut regularly. Even dogs themselves understand that grooming …

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Get the best automatic dog feeder – Top picks and tips

best pet automatic feeders

Why (when) do you need an automatic dog feeder? Automatic dog feeders are becoming increasingly popular and many dog owners are getting them because they are practical and serve their main purpose really well. Work and social life do not always allow us to commit to our dearest companions as much as we would like …

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The Best Cat Trees 2018

Cat tree houses

All cats need to play, so finding something nice for them is essential if you want your cat to be happy, healthy and full of life. There are all kinds of things you can get, but most of the people are searching for a cat tree or a cat tree house for their cats. If …

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Worst human foods for Dogs

Dog wants burger

If you want your dog to be in perfect health and keep him happy, then you always have to pay attention what type of foods you are giving him. You have a responsibility as a dog owner to make sure that your dog is well fed and always safe. Therefore, you need to learn about what foods are not good for dogs and which is the worst human food for dogs. Do you know that the food we humans eat can be very dangerous for your dog? Sometimes people do not think about this and often share their food with their pets, but this could be dangerous for your dog`s health. The truth is that dogs have different digestive systems than humans do and they also process the food in a much different way.

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How to stop your dog from eating poop

Dog eats poop

It is not uncommon for dogs to eat their own feces or poop of other animals. This is their natural behavior, although it is very disgusting for us humans. The professional term for this is called Coprophagia, and why dogs eat poop can be related to numerous reasons. Anyhow, you are probably wondering about how do you stop your dog from eating his poop or how to stop your dog from eating cat poop. The answer to those questions can be seen below. The following are some main reasons why dogs eat feces and the solutions about how do you stop your dog from eating his poop.

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How to choose the best dog training collar – Top picks and tips

best dog training collars

Dear dog-lover, Before you go to our top picks for the best training collars for dogs with in-depth reviews and pictures, please make sure you read our informative guidelines first on why, or more appropriately put, in which case you need a training collar and how to find the most suitable one for your fella. …

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Keeping Dog away from Cat litter box

Dog in a cat litter box

Sometimes I’m surprised what dogs can eat – ranging from eating cat food, human food, raw vegetables and so on. Unfortunately, dogs have a reputation also for eating poop. Let’s face it, a dog at least few times in its life have tried to eat feces. Maybe it was as a puppy or sometimes even as an adult dog, but that’s what they do. Reasons for dogs feasting with the content of litter box can be various.

Dogs like to have their home clean, so if a litter box is near by, they won’t hesitate. Same as human babies want to taste everything, puppies love to explore the world around them and try different new things. Does your dog really like the taste of cat feces? In fact, they might as cat food contains a lot more protein than dog food does, therefore, even a poop might seem like a good snack for your barking friend. In this article, we will explain how to stop your dog from visiting cat litter box and eating cat feces.

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Dog life vests – Top picks and tips

best dog life jacket

Dear outdoor activity lover, Before you go to our highly-researched top picks for the best dog life jacket to have your four-legged companion accompanying you in open water activities, make sure to read our informative and easy to follow guidelines first, and the explanation why your dog needs such attribute anyway even if your companion …

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HM tip: How to teach a dog to swim

You could say most dogs are able to swim by default and no intervention of human is required. While some dogs are excellent swimmers, others are afraid to, don’t like to, or can’t even if they like to (it’s not extraordinary to see a dog who tries to swim but sinks… not a common scene, …

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