Find the most suitable Muzzle for Your Dog | Top picks and tips

Best dog muzzles

Dear dog-lover, To be honest, what really urged me to write an article dedicated to dog muzzles right now was an unpleasant personal experience while walking my dog: a chunky large breed (won’t name the breed because, as a person who’s been involved with animals and veterinary since childhood,  I don’t want to give the wrong …

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Dog crate covers: Best solution for YOUR dog

Dear dog-lover, As a caring and responsible pet owner, you know that, inevitably, you are going to transport your dear companion at some point in your life – to a vet, to a brand new home (think more of a journey in the skies), or elsewhere. There are a lot of times when dog crates …

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Healthy joints and safe travels: Best dog ramps reviewed

est dog ramps for cars and beds

Dear dog-lover, In this article, we’ll cover the essentials of dog ramps, when exactly they are necessary, and how to choose the most appropriate one for your four-legged companion. We strongly encourage you to read through these concise, yet, informative guidelines before you go straight to the top picks available on the market today. For …

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Safety and comfort: Top-rated dog car harness reviewed

Best dog car harness

Dear dog-lover, This is the sequel to our article on the best car booster seats for dogs. As the aforementioned article was mostly intended for small to medium size dog breeds, this one, on the contrary, is dedicated to larger breeds due to the suitability of the products. Why must you have a car seat …

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Safety and comfort: Best dog car seats reviewed

Best dog car booster seats

We, humans, love to see the world. Frequently, we use cars for transport. And we like to take our four-legged companions on the journey with us. Why must you have a car seat for your dog? It’s a self-evident thing to have a special seat if you take a human baby with you, however, a …

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Best Dog Water Fountains Reviewed – Top Picks and Tips

Top dog water fountains

Dear dog-lover, It’s no secret that adequate hydration is the main component of healthy, living cells and that this applies to all organisms on Earth, including our dearest friend – dog. Without water, your dog’s body will not be able to function properly. As water facilitates nutrient absorption and digestion, your dog must have the access to …

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Merrick dog food reviews – the best grain free dog food?

Merrick's dry dog food reviews

Dear dog-lover, Our research of Zignature dog food initiated the avid search for the best nutrition “compromise” – dry dog food. Doesn’t sound very flattering and advertisable – compromise-, does it? No, but it’s the unpleasant truth (for the owners) that, for the most part, the dry food is nothing but a cheap and convenient …

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Latest Zignature Dog Food Reviews | Top picks and tips 2018

Zignature dog food reviews

Dear dog-lover, This article is solely dedicated to a dog food brand called Zignature. Since it’s quite comprehensive and elaborate, we have made a table of content for your convenience and simplified navigation. There are two reasons why we as veterinary experts decided to review this brand exclusively. For one, they claim to be, simply …

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Why and how to groom your dog

How to groom your dog

All dogs need to be properly taken care of in order to be healthy and to look nice. If you have a dog then you know how much of an attention they require. Their coat always needs to be clean and shiny, while their nails must be cut regularly. Even dogs themselves understand that grooming …

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