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All cats need to play, so finding something nice for them is essential if you want your cat to be happy, healthy and full of life. There are all kinds of things you can get, but most of the people are searching for a cat tree or a cat tree house for their cats. If you are looking to get informed about the best rated cat trees, then check out the following best cat towers and other best cat furniture you can get for your cat.

1. The Refined Feline Lotus Cat TowerThe Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower

The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower is definitely one of the best cat trees you can find on the market. This cat tree tower is a bit more expensive option. The shipping weight is around seventy pounds, and the dimensions of this cat tree tower are 69 inch tall x 20 inch wide x 20 inch deep. If you are looking for the best cat tree for large cats and for a cat tree that is a real piece of art then go for The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower. The sisal pad of the tower is perfect for scratching, the carpet is Brown Berber with Velcro and the tower has very nice and soft cushions. The cat tower needs to be assembled first, but the tools are included in the package. All of the parts can be replaced in case of a damage or wear.

The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower has a very sleek and elegant design which is one of the many things that make this one of the best cat towers that exists on the market. It is a very modern cat tower which can easily blend in with the surrounding decorations in your home. It is also the best cat tree for large cats as it has very large platforms and beautiful stepped shelves. The cats can easily go up and down the shelves and platforms, and there are many spots where they can nest. Other great features of this best cat furniture is the twenty inches long sisal scratcher, Velcro carpeted platforms, washable soft covers, and many more other things.

Those people wondering whether this tower can handle cats that weigh over twenty pounds should rest assured that it definitely can. The observation deck at the top of this cat tree can easily hold larger and heavier cats. The midsection platforms are probably best for lighter cats, but they still hold well. Anyhow, this is one of the best cat towers that exist so you can easily reinforce any of the platforms for added strength. The stylish design is what attracts many people to this cat tower, and this best cat furniture does not have carpet scratchers that often do not look good on other types of cat trees. You can easily vacuum the platforms and other sections of The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower. This cat tower is more expensive than other models, but it is worth it as it has a lot to offer for your cats.

The sisal scratching pad of this cat tree is about twenty inches long and around six inches wide. All pads are Velcro-designed and are replaceable, which is great. The top perch can even accommodate two cats at the same time. Another great thing regarding this best cat furniture is that it reminds of a sculpture and many people admire it for that matter.

The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower has plenty of places where the cats can comfortably spread out or take a nap. It has numerous entertainment features. If your cats catch their claws on carpeted areas from time to time, then you can order cushion sets which will be perfect for this cat tower. The cats can then comfortably jump from one platform to another.

The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower detailed viewAssembly

Immediately after you unpack the box you will see that this is one of the best cat towers there is. It is extraordinary cat tower that is very sturdy and elegant. You can easily assemble the tree without problems in short period of time. Assembling usually takes less than an hour if you carefully follow all the instructions. A great thing about the instructions is that they come in pictures, so just follow the pictures and you will have no problems with the installation of this best cat tree for large cats. You can put this cat tree in your living room and it will look like a great art piece. If you have several cats they will definitely jump on all levels. Although this cat tower is expensive it is well worth the investment because this best cat furniture can complement well with the rest of your home décor. If you use the cushion set on this cat tower you will make it even more beautiful and softer for the cats.

When assembling the cat tower always pay attention to the wooden dowels. They can often loosely fit into the holes, so make sure you make them fit snugly. Anyhow, the entire unit is very sturdy when installed properly. Press the wooden plugs hardly over the screw holes as they may fall out if not pressed hard enough. You can use your hammer for light tapping so they will not fall out.

You might get a little bit different product

There might be some differences between the actual look of this cat tree house and what you get. The cushions and the carpet have lighter beige color when you see them in photos, but in reality, they may have darker colors. Cushions have an espresso brown color, while the carpet has a bit lighter brown color. This is not that big of a problem because the differences are not very big and the cat tower will still fit well with the rest of your home décor.

Another difference you may notice between the pictures and the actual look is in the scratching surface of the cat tower. On the pictures, this surface is close to the bottom left side, between the first shelf and the bottom base edge. However, you may get a model where the scratching surface starts at the same level with the first shelf and going below the second shelf. This might be a little bit higher for some cats to scratch when they sit on the floor. Different people have different experiences regarding their cat towers, but this is not that big of a problem for cat owners.

A feature that you will not see on the pictures is the support strut connecting the back corner of the cubby with the curved piece. This feature adds to the stability of the cat tree, while at the same time it does not take out anything out of the beautiful overall design of this best cat furniture.


Overall, this is a beautiful cat tree that you will like very much. Your cats will definitely love it and you will see how curious they will be when exploring it for the first time. It surely is one of the best cat trees for large cats. It may take some time before some cats climb up all the way at the top, but as soon as they will comfortable and safe they will have lots of fun climbing on it. This cat tower will also look great somewhere near home windows, as cats can enjoy observing the outside world too. If you have the proper budget and want to get one of the best rated cat trees then go with The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower and you will not make a mistake.

2. Go Pet Club Cat Tree

Go Pet Club Cat TreePeople seeking for a more affordable option when it comes to a quality cat tree house should check out the Go Pet Club Cat Tree. This is also one of the best cat trees in its category of cat trees. The overall size of Go Pet Club Cat Tree stands at 50 inches wide, 26 inches long and 72 inches high. The weight of the product is 36 pounds.

Build and assembly

By getting one of the best rated cat trees like this one, you will definitely keep your cat off your precious furniture. This cat tree has two condos, three perches, and two nice toy mice. It offers plenty of playing space for your cats and there is also a lounge where they can sleep or rest. There are ten posts covered with sisal ropes for scratching, so your cats will never scratch your furniture again. The covering material is faux fur, while the board material of this cat tree is made of compressed wood. Assembling of this cat tree house usually lasts below half an hour and you have tools and step-by-step instructions inside the package.


This cat tree is sturdy and solid, but you have to make sure you have it properly tightened. One of the things that make this one of the best cat trees is the fact that you can move it around very easily if your home floors are smooth. Kittens love this cat tree as they have very comfortable perches available for sleeping and resting. Go Pet Club Cat Tree is also best cat tree for large cats, as even if your cats are weighing more than twelve pounds the tree is still big enough and comfortable for them. The material of which this cat tree house is made of is not carpet. It has plush covering and there are many posts for scratching. The underlying tree material is plywood which is the top option because you can easily place some other hanging toys for your cats to play with. The Go Pet Club Cat Tree is a perfect option regardless whether you have smaller or bigger cats or whether you have one or more cats. The solid material, comfortable cushions and plenty of space to play are some things that make this one of the best rated cat trees you can find on the market.

3. The TRIXIE Pet Products Baza Grande Cat TowerTRIXIE Pet Products Baza Grande Cat Tower

If you are in the group of cat lovers that want to find something great for their cats, but still save some money then going for the TRIXIE Pet Products Baza Grande Cat Tower is your best option. This is one of the best cat towers in its category made in China. It weighs 24 pounds and its dimensions are 24.75 W x 24.75 D x 51.75 H. Great thing regarding TRIXIE Pet Products Baza Grande Cat Tower is that you can easily assemble it in less than ten minutes. The hardware is included in the package and you are given one year warranty for this great cat tree.


Some of the top features of this cat tree house include top quality lying platform, plush hammock with a nice metal rim as support, quality condo lined with fleece and plush, and this cat tree is all wrapped in very soft fabrics and durable sisals. There is also a nice playing ball for cats and a couple of posts for scratching. Considering the price, this is definitely one of the best cat trees you can get.


TRIXIE Pet Products Baza Grande Cat Tower gives plenty of space for your cats to scratch, explore or to just lay back and relax. Cats can easily scratch the durable scratching posts and enjoy being cats. The condo is very cozy for relaxing, while the lounge is another place for them to lie down. Both the lounge and condo are covered with quality long-haired plush. The hanging toys will attract the cats too, so this best cat furniture is perfect for cats of all weights and all ages.

These were the characteristics and features of a few best rated cat trees on the market. At the end the choice is yours, but consider some of the mentioned things and you will make your choice easier. No matter which cat tree you select, your cats will definitely enjoy playing and having a great time on any of these high-quality cat trees.

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