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If you want your dog to be in perfect health and keep him happy, then you always have to pay attention what type of foods you are giving him. You have a responsibility as a dog owner to make sure that your dog is well fed and always safe. Therefore, you need to learn about what foods are not good for dogs and which is the worst human food for dogs. Do you know that the food we humans eat can be very dangerous for your dog? Sometimes people do not think about this and often share their food with their pets, but this could be dangerous for your dog`s health. The truth is that dogs have different digestive systems than humans do and they also process the food in a much different way.

Always remember that not all types of human foods are good for your dog. The bad food for dog list is growing every day, so make sure you learn about food not good for dogs. The following is the bad food for dogs list for you to remember. Do not feed your dog with the following foods if you want to keep them healthy and safe.Dont feed your dog

  • Potato chips are a popular human snack, but they are also very salty, which is not good for your dog. The high levels of salt can cause urination and thirst in dogs, and they can also get poisoned by the sodium, which is an ingredient of the potato chips. Other symptoms that can be caused by the potato chips include diarrhea, elevated body pressure, vomiting, seizures and others. Potato chips is definitely food not good for dogs, so never feed your dog with it.
  • Chicken or fish bones are also one of the worst human food for dogs. When dogs ingest these types of food, the bones from the chicken or fish can cause many internal injuries and can severely damage dog`s digestive system. Then an expensive surgical treatment would be required, so do not feed your dog with chicken or fish bones.
  • Raw fish and eggs are two other dangerous types of foods to give to your dog. Eating raw fish may lead to a deficiency of thiamine, which can cause low appetite, seizures, vomiting and other problems to your dog. On the other side, consuming raw eggs is not lethal for your dog, but your dog may have problems with the absorption of some vitamins like biotin from the raw eggs. Failed absorption of this vitamin can result in some skin conditions to your dog.
  • Onions are full of thiosulphates, which have toxic effects on dogs. This ingredient has the ability to damage the dog`s red blood cells and can cause anemia to your dog. Therefore, avoid giving onions to your pet.
  • Further studies are required for additional proof why macadamia nuts are poisonous for dogs, but this is definitely a food that you should avoid giving to your dog at all costs. They can affect not only the digestive system of the dog but also his nervous system and his muscles.
  • Grapes and raisins also have dangerous ingredients for the dog that can lead to kidney problems.
  • Chocolates are another food not good for dogs, although many people are not aware of it. Chocolate contains theobromine which is a chemical found in the cacao. A dog cannot fully metabolize this chemical, so it stays in their blood stream and can cause numerous health issues like heart problems, internal bleeding, diarrhea, increased blood pressure and many other things.
  • Cat food is also on the bad food for dogs list for pretty obvious reasons. Although it is not poisonous, it should not be given to dogs as it has many proteins that can make the dog obese.
  • Yeast dough is a food product which is on the list of worst human food for dogs. In case you are baking bread or making a pie at home and a piece of yeast dough falls down on the floor, throw it away immediately. If it gets eaten by your dog it can disrupt his digestive system and cause gases.
  • Alcohol is not exactly a food, but some people forget that they should not give alcohol to their dogs. Besides intoxication, alcohol can increase the dog`s heart rate, cause fever and even lead to death.
Foods dogs should avoid

These were food not good for dogs, so always have them in mind next time you are preparing to feed your dog. When you go searching for dog foods always get informed about what foods are not good for dogs.

HM tip: Do not rely only on the brand of the dog food. In case you notice on the dog food box that animal fat is used as an ingredient, avoid getting that product for your dog. Animal fat is a term that describes a product that has low quality.

When it comes to what your dog really needs then you should go for dog food with proteins. However, many manufacturers are using concentrate of rice protein, soy protein, corn gluten or wheat gluten. These should all be avoided as they are not good sources of protein for your dog. The best types of dog foods do not have meat byproducts inside them. Meat products are acceptable, but you have to know the specific source of the meat. The one and only time when meat byproduct is acceptable to give to your dog is when the product has been sourced from the liver or kidney.

Like with most of the foods out there, avoid buying dog food that has artificial preservatives in it. The best type of dog food must meet certain regulations and specifications, so you will know that the food is good to give to your dog. Get informed about which food types are good for your dog and which food is the worst human food for dogs, so you will make a good choice and give your dog a healthy food.

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